Sober transport

Why Use Our Sober Companion Transport Services?

Sober transport refers to the use of transportation services to provide safe and sober transportation for individuals who are in recovery from substance abuse or addiction. Sober transport can be an important resource for individuals who are working to maintain their recovery and avoid relapse, as it helps them avoid the temptation to drink or use drugs while they are traveling.  Whether an addict or alcoholic is traveling to or from a treatment center, they can lose all of the progress they’ve made by making one poor decision while in transit.  A sober companion provides the accountability and support for individuals who are at risk of relapse. Alpine Recovery offers nationwide sober transportation services to ensure individuals in recovery have the support they need to prioritize sobriety, no matter where they need to go, how they have to get there, or how long the trip. All of our sober companions have had many hours of training and experience, providing guidance and support as needed.  If you are in need of sober companion or transport services, please reach out!