Sober Monitoring

Understanding the importance of Accountability in Recovery

 The process of getting sober is life-changing to say the least.  In most cases, individuals must completely abandon their old way of life and develop new coping skills, relationships, hobbies, and other forms of entertainment.  Unfortunately, it takes time to develop these new tools, interests, and relationships.  Drugs and alcohol are abundent in our society, making it extremely difficult for folks in early recovery to completely avoid situations where they are around these substances.  The purpose of sober monitoring is to put a buffer or consequence between the individual and the drugs and alcohol.  Our program utilizes SoberLink, a remote breathalyzer that integrates facial recognition to ensure the right person is providing the breathalyzer analysis.  Generally, each client has 2-3 scheduled tests a day, and a two hour window to submit that test.  In addition to regularly scheduled breathalyzer analyses, we also offer random drug testing to ensure our clients are fully adhering to a life of abstinence.  Sober monitoring is a useful tool that can be used in conjunction with our coaching program to ensure there is accountability around an individuals commitment to remain sober. Please reach out with any other questions about our sober monitoring program!