Tyler Fahey

Founder / Sober Coach

About Tyler and His coaching Methodology

Tyler comes from a family where addiction is prevalent. His personal experiences in an alcoholic home help him relate to family members of the alcoholic or addict. He understands what this disease can do to a family system and how much work goes into healing that system. Through these experiences, he recognizes that addiction cases are time-sensitive and stressful for everyone involved. 

Tyler can also relate to your loved one in active addiction. His personal story is an indication that recovery is possible for anyone. He doesn’t necessarily believe in the old saying about addicts or alcoholics needing to hit rock bottom before they can get help. He believes that his ‘bottom’ was raised when he was intervened on and entered treatment. It’s this belief that inspires him to help families raise their loved one’s ‘bottom’ through his sober coaching program.  The coaching program emphasizes the importance of re-learning how to walk through life with integrity and confidence. Tyler utilizes motivational interviewing techniques and life-skills training to empower his clients to build a life worth living. Accountability is also a foundational component of the coaching program.  

Tyler received his Master’s in Business Administration from Loyola University Chicago before diving into the recovery space. He was a collegiate football player and is an active member in A.A. These experiences have allowed him to establish relationships with a diverse group of amazing people. He believes that his best asset is his ability to connect with people. Addiction is a disease that has no boundaries, it can affect everyone from CEOs to people without jobs or homes. Tyler believes that the opposite of addiction is connection, which is why it is vital that he can connect and relate to your loved one.